Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Again!

Another year has past since I last updated this 'presence'.  A lot has changed in our lives and that of the farm but much is also still the same.  The biggest change was the decision for Portwood Acres to enter the Organic dairy business.  December  2011 brought approximately 35 cows to the farm.  This decision did not come lightly, but we have felt the leading of the Lord in this venture. 

We were growing some organic cash crop as well as the vegetables for the last few years.  Because the processes of nature are cyclical, cash cropping was not going to be sustainable for us.  Nutrients that were sold of the farm in the form of hay or grain had to be replaced.  Cows help us to keep the nutrient cycling happening right here on the farm.  Grass in, manure out - What a novel idea!!!!  This is the process that God created to work in nature.  Other than a small amount of purchased molasses we are feeding no supplements or purchased feed, just grass, hay and mineral.   
The canola oil processing is currently on hold.  The processing room was a retrofitted milk room and has now been returned to its original purpose.  A new room has been in process most of the year, but......other things have taken priority. 
The fall broccoli season is well under way for this year.  I planted a lot less produce this year due to the added dairying schedule. 
I guess that is all for now.  We are looking into the future of unknowns with a lot of questions, but with a blessed Hope and peace because we know Who holds tomorrow.

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